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To anyone who has put there hand up and supported the efforts of the Guideline Writing Subcommittee I think we are at a really exciting cross road.  As many would know, we have completed sections in respect of pharmacology, cell salvage, embolism and temperature.  We have been working towards completing the final three sections pumps, coated circuits and filtration to complete this work (and then as it has taken so long, we will need to update the sections we have already completed).


Getting the work done has really proved a much greater challenge than I think anyone could have envisaged.  We have to a degree, been looking at how we can make this process of contributing to guideline work open to a wider part of the community, and we belief that by using the tool “GUIDELINER” designed by the Flinders Medical Centre Team (Rick Blood and Meng Li), we are finally at that point where we can go ahead in  great steps.


So we are again looking for people to get involved.  Dave Fitzgerald is leading the team looking at Coated Circuits.  They have reviewed over 290 abstracts and now have about 200 papers that need one review each.  Dave has already reviewed them all once, he just needs some helpers to complete the second review.  Let us know if you can help!  Dave's email is and mine is


Get on Board, you don't know where you may end up.  The URL for GUIDELINER is, however you will need a username and password, which Dave or I can supply.


Many thanks to those who have contributed, welcome to those who will.


Rob Baker, Chair ICEBP Guidelines Subcommittee